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ACRYSYL DECORA offers a finish with the typical looking of the granite and the natural stone, embellished with tiny crystals embedded in the texture that create spectacular effects according to the incidence of light. The various colors with natural tones, give coatings oriented to taste and simplicity.
Solutions of sophisticated style but at the same time are realized surfaces resistant to air pollutants and protected from the development of mold and algae.



CADORO creates soft walls, silky to the touch, with iridescent and polychrome details. The wide color range creates infinite combinations of colors able to re-invent and embellish any environment.  With a quick and simple application it will be possible to obtain a wide variety of bright shades and pastel strokes, or of warm colors, embracing and visually striking material to meet every decorative need.

- Apply CADORO, on a dry surface, previously coated with DECORFOND.



Innovative decorative finish that creates multiple decorative effects even just by one single coat. It portrays a plain and elegant style, a crystalline and pearlescent appearance, slightly reflective, pleasant to the touch. Very easy to apply, simple and quick to use, it also decorates little smoothed surfaces.  Versatile and stylish, it customizes all environments with sophisticated shades of colorand plays of light.

CAVENIER enables to realize the following effects:



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